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Scientific Medical Information

Medical Library of Collegium Medicum NCU

foreign students from I year

Kind of lessons and the number of hours:
lectures - 2 hours, exercises - 2 hours

Form of the credit:
the credit without the estimation after I semester

Liable for the realization of the programme:
mgr Monika Kubiak (monikak (at)

Aim of teaching:

introduction with the activity of the Medical Library Collegium Medicum UMK and scientific information services. Introduction with computer databases and possibilities of taking advantage of computer databases. Utilization of the librarian catalogues and internet as the source of biomedical information.

Programmatic contents:

  1. Activity of the Medical Library Collegium Medicum UMK (address, opening hours, catalogues, e-journals, e-books, Reading Room, Scientific Information Room, Reprographic Services, Interlibrary Loan).
  2. Guideline Medical Library:
    a)      How to become a user?
    b)      How to lend a book?
    c)      Searching a journal title
    d)     Searching articles by key words
    e)      How to copy articles?
  3. Kinds of publications: compact publications, continuous periodical publications, continuous non-periodical publications (for instance series of scientific exercise books), other publications.
  4. Types of inquiry publications. Bibliographies - their kinds.
  5. Discussion about most important inquiry publications embracing the subject matter of the Collegium Medicum.
  6. Computerization of the library. Computer networks and possibilities of their using to the information retrieval. Inquiry computer databases from the range of the biomedicine: bibliographic, full-text and multimedia.
  7. Bibliographic databases.
  8. Fulltext databases (e-journals).
  9. E-books.
  10. Atlases and medical picture on-line.


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  2. Granfield, Diane; Robertson, Mark. Preference for Reference: New Options and Choices for Academic Library Users. Reference & User Services Quarterly, Fall 2008, Vol. 48 Issue 1, p 44-53, 10 p

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